Tear gun 2016

Machines are devices that transform energy for human purposes. If emotion can be considered a certain kind of ‘energy,’ could machines be used for the purpose of better expressing our feelings?


For Yi-Fei Chen, a graduate from Design Academy Eindhoven, her inability to speak in self-defense during a confrontation with her tutors resulted in an internal burst of frustration. Externally, however, only defenseless tears emerged. She decided afterwards to acknowledge this weakness in her graduation project: “Tear Gun,” a minimal device that freezes tears instantly so that they can be fired in self-defense.


According to Alessandro Ludovico of Neural Magazine, “The form she used to articulate and transform her uneasiness on both an intimate and a public level has proven to be technically feasible and symbolically powerful in a way that instantly makes it universal.“

Watch >> Interview and instruction video  from VICE

Project tear gun is develping now and more new details will be released soon.

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