Yi Fei Chen Yi-Fei Chen is a European-based artist born in Taipei, Taiwan. She received her bachelor’s degree in industrial design in Taiwan and her master’s degree in Social Design at the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Her early explorations were focused on the relationship between people and their environment and discussed the significance of mass production of industrial products and challenge the existing workings of society through satiric approximations. Introspection and cultural reflection have since then become the central fundament of her work, her recent projects approach cross-cultural identity and the generational anxiety experienced by herself and her generation. In her work, she reinterprets existing (and often invisible) social conventions from the perspective of the individual and create objects that manifest these strong internal and external dynamics in a powerful visual metaphor. Her work has sparked interest and controversy worldwide at community forums. Her oeuvre has been exhibited in countries like The Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Taiwan, and Dubai.